Current Group
name Title Interests
Naomi_B&W_photo_s Naomi Ward Associate Professor and Laboratory Head Microbial cell biology, ecology, and evolution; planctomycetes and verrucomicrobia; the human microbiome; Hirschsprung’s Disease
Corrine_photo_s Corrine Seebart Assistant Research Scientist Cell biology of Gemmata obscuriglobus,with a particular focus on membrane lipids
Kris_photo_s Kristopher Parker PhD student, MCLS program Structure and function of the gastrointestinal microbiome in Hirschsprung’s Disease
kyle_face_crop Kyle Bochanski Undergraduate researcher MS student Exercise Physiology Program University of Wyoming
Sean_face_crop Sean Stettner PhD student  MCLS program Prevalence and function of sterols in members of the PVC super phylum
reid_face_crop Reid Olson Undergraduate researcher Structure and function of the gastrointestinal microbiome in Hirschsprung’s Disease
Name Present Appointment Institution
Quintin_photo_s Quintin Davis (MS Molecular Biology) PhD student (Marie Curie Research Fellowship) Laboratory of Tomo Tanaka University of Dundee United Kingdom
Daryl_photo_s Daryl Domman (MS Molecular Biology) PhD student Sanger Institute."
Olga_photo_s Olga Kamneva (MCLS PhD) Post-doctoral fellow Laboratory of Noah Rosenberg Stanford University
Patrick_photo_s Patrick LaBreck (undergraduate researcher) PhD student Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Heather_photo_s Heather Rothfuss (post-doc) Post-doctoral fellow Laboratory of Brian Cherrington University of Wyoming
MIchelle_photo_s Michelle Sait (post-doc) MDU Microbiology University of Melbourne
Blaire_photo_s Blaire Steven (post-doc) Assistant Scientist Connectictut Agricultural Experiment Station
Chris_photo_s Chris Vassallo (MS Molecular Biology) PhD student Laboratory of Dan Wall University of Wyoming
Ekaterina Gottshall MCLS PhD